Monday, October 6, 2008

Life's a Beach

We spent a few days in Padre Island with my in-laws and had a fabulous time. There's nothing like seeing your child "discover" the ocean-- I'd rank it as one of the top thrills of parenting so far. (Watching them discover anything is actually pretty cool...)

(Click on the picture above to really see the look on JP's face! Sheer excitement!) Elise loved it too-- she actually could sit up for the first time on her own in the sand. And there was infinite amounts of stuff to dig your fingers into:

We arrived the first afternoon and met up with Pat's parents and his sister's family. We headed to the beach straightaway, so I don't have any pictures (the camera was still packed) but after a few timid moments, John Patrick was down to his skivvies (literally) and having a ball.
JP called our condo "the little house" and was very pleased with having Grandma and Grandpa next door. He kept asking me where his "friends" were... it took him awhile to understand the "cousin" concept.
The next few days, we spent endless hours at the beach. We (Grandma) buried Emma:

Jumped waves with Clara:
Watched Audrey and Clara boogie board:

Played in the water/pool/ sink:

Cuddled with Grandma:
And Grandpa:
Played with Uncle Pat:
Watched Elise work the room:
And were even allowed to jump on the bed:
We slept pretty hard too:
All in all, very good times. The entire slideshow is accessible by clicking the title "Life's a Beach"-- no, this isn't every picture we took!

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