Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Can I Get a Woof-Woof?

Both my children find barking hilarious. I can't believe I've caught them both on tape... here is Elise CRACKING up while her big bro barks at her:

And here is JP laughing at the SAME thing (at the SAME age) two and a half years before:

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

California- Part 4 (PML with the Wiechers)

The last part of our stay, our dear friends, the Wiechers, came up to the mountains to join us, bringing with them more good eats, stunning photography skills (see slideshow below), and lots of laughs. Liese and John Patrick were soulmates from the get-go, and they had a blast hiking the trail, swimming at the beach, exploring the "secret garden" together, and, of course, watching a few Hermie movies "Neecie" lent us. I'm not sure if they were more excited to see the stars late at night or eat ice cream cones outside after dinner. Luhan and Elise just watched... strapped to their chairs, and having the best time with all the excitement.
(You can see these pictures in a full-screen slideshow by clicking the title "California- Part 4" above)

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

California- Part 3 (Pine Mountain Lake)

After our trip to Modesto, we settled in at Pine Mountain Lake with Pat's grandparents and the Parvis fam. I don't know how many hours Rachel, Denise and Glory did PlayDoh with JP, but the Bob and Larry (VeggieTales) Rachel made him were legendary-- masterpieces of the Doh. He cried when he had to put them away, even as they were hardening to solid form. And *busy* Timmy finally got Elise to warm up to him with HIS legendary "Bucky the Beever" act.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

California- Part 2 (Parvis' Place)

After Pat arrived in San Jose, we drove up to Pine Mountain Lake and then to Modesto for JP's THIRD birthday! Steve and Denise made sure the day was perfect-- not only did they have about twenty Hermie movies for JP, piles of presents, and a swimming pool, they also fed the rest of us filets and homemade ice cream cake. We marveled at their incredible new kitchen, checked out Rachel and (busy) Timmy's beautiful pad, and watched Elise practice her new favorite human trick: making raspberry noises.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

California- Part 1 (Sherman Casa)

Our journey to California began with me, myself and I flying with the two kids to San Jose (via LAX). That's right... all by myself, with a plane change. Luckily for me, everyone I knew was praying it'd be manageable, and indeed, God provided two great flights with my little crew. I was so anxious the night before, I hardly slept. :) My grandmother used to have to move by herself cross country with two children... I hardly know how she did it. (And I think there was a dog involved too!) What the below picture DOESN'T show is the mommy with the enormous carry-on and three suitcases, or her pregnant friend (herself with a 3-year-old), helping her.

We journeyed ahead of Daddy to have some QT with the Sherman clan, who received us with open arms. Our time there was so jam-packed, I hardly have any pictures to document it, but here are a few. Thanks, Shermans, for a great visit! JP is still a proud owner of the "man card" the boys gave him: