Monday, November 10, 2008

Lots of Loisel Lovin'

JP and his *Great* (in more ways than one) Grandma

Elise and her *Great* (in more ways than one) Grandpa

We had a wonderful trip to DFW a month ago, and I'm finally getting some pictures on here! We spent a few days with my grandparents in Richardson and really enjoyed ourselves. It's surreal to have John Patrick play in the acorns in the backyard and at the park we always went to as children. And Elise, seeming to sense she was in fan-club country, couldn't stop flirting with Grandma and Grandpa.

At my favorite park (that seemed SO much bigger as a child!)

We headed to Fort Worth for the weekend and got to have more time with my mom and my brother's family. JP opened some birthday presents and was renewed in his love for the family :) Noah gave him some new cars and Mom a parking garage... it just doesn't get much better when you're a three-year-old boy.

Saturday we spent a little time at the McKays, feeding the ducks. The boys loved running down the hill (after their duck food had all been thrown).

My sweet sis-in-law, Sally

Elise clearly having a horrible time at Grandma's (you see a theme?)

These pictures are after church on Sunday at my brother Eric's place. They're darling! If only Baby Keira had made her appearance a few days sooner...

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Date Night

'Til death do us part... Pat and I on Sea World's "STEEL EEL". I cannot look at this picture without laughing hysterically.