Sunday, September 7, 2008

California- Part 1 (Sherman Casa)

Our journey to California began with me, myself and I flying with the two kids to San Jose (via LAX). That's right... all by myself, with a plane change. Luckily for me, everyone I knew was praying it'd be manageable, and indeed, God provided two great flights with my little crew. I was so anxious the night before, I hardly slept. :) My grandmother used to have to move by herself cross country with two children... I hardly know how she did it. (And I think there was a dog involved too!) What the below picture DOESN'T show is the mommy with the enormous carry-on and three suitcases, or her pregnant friend (herself with a 3-year-old), helping her.

We journeyed ahead of Daddy to have some QT with the Sherman clan, who received us with open arms. Our time there was so jam-packed, I hardly have any pictures to document it, but here are a few. Thanks, Shermans, for a great visit! JP is still a proud owner of the "man card" the boys gave him:

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