Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween '08

This might be something I should keep to myself, but I LOVE costumes, costume parties, dress-up, the like. It's like a holdover from elementary school drama camp or college date parties or something. So, while I'm not a huge Halloween fan, this holiday is such fun for me, a cultural "OKAY" to indulge my little costume craving. I only wish my kids (namely, my 3-year-old son) liked dressing up as much. Our final costume for him was a neighbor's last-minute lend because the full costume (you might remember "Pablo") was just NOT HAPPENING. He's a little touchy about some things. So enough about me, we all know why you're here:

Our little Texas Aggie football player (the missing link in their team, obviously) I feel like he's saying "Put me in, Coach!":

Our super-cute bunny wabbit; eating grass, naturally:

Making their best bunny and mean football faces, respectively:

The whole family:

The baby girls on the block: Reese, Aubree and Elise:

After pictures with our neighbors, we headed to a fall festival with friends at the church where JP attends Mother's Day Out. They had bounce houses, games, food-- JP was in HEAVEN. Here's the very large slide he went down (that's me at the top!)

He had this grin plastered on his face the entire evening:

Elise's typical expression throughout the night. I believe the military calls it "shock and awe":

She really enjoyed chewing on this little party favor, which looks surprisingly like a carrot:

Pat keeping JP from "going 'gain!" for the one-hundred-trazillionth time on the bouncy-obstacle-course-thingy:

And, last but not least, the pumpkins we carved. Pat made an impressive redfish pumpkin, a "normal" one, and I did the cat. Sadly (*tear) someone destroyed them in the middle of the night, so they are no more. Good-bye pumpkins, we were so proud of you.

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Rachel said...

How fun!! I love all the blogging you've been doing lately--it makes me feel really up-to-date with your life. Elise's costume is so darling--Jeremy and I were just commenting on how cute she is. Her personality really shines through in the pics. Miss you!